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Pellegrini Scholarship (merit only)

The Merit based Pellegrini Scholarship is a partial tuition grant, awarded at the post-secondary school level for vocational or undergraduate and graduate academic studies at an accredited school.

  • This scholarship is based on merit alone (Grade Point Average 3.0 min.). Like the Full Pellegrini Scholarship, it does not renew automatically. Applicants are considered anew on a yearly basis. Students may apply for this grant every academic year, while pursuing their post-secondary and graduate studies.
  • The scholarship is paid directly to the recipients' schools in two installments, one at the beginning of the academic year, the fall semester, the other at the start of the spring semester.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • You are a U.S. Resident.
  • You or one of your parents is a Swiss national.
  • You are permanently domiciled in either New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Delaware.
  • You are in good academic standing (min GPA 3.0) and show aptitude in your chosen fields of study.
  • You will study full-time (min. 12 credits) in college or graduate school.
Required Supporting Documents:
  • Enclosed Scholarship Application Form (completed & signed).
  • Official Transcripts of all high school, college and graduate grades (no copies).
  • SAT / ACT or GRE / GMAT results and proof thereof.
  • Proof of Swiss citizenship of applicant or one parent (Copy of Swiss passport, Consulate recognition letter or similar).
  • Proof of applicant’s U.S. citizenship or U.S. residency.
  • Proof of cost for tuition and room and board (copy of bursar’s bill; high school applicants to provide figures of anticipated cost).
  • One current letter of reference from high school principal or guidance counselor, or from a professor in the applicant’s major area of study, on official letterhead (no copies).