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Mid-life Support

We are dedicated to provide support for those who face mid-life challenges. We are particularly aware of the pulls in both directions of those caring for both the younger and older family members (this is aptly called “the sandwich generation”).

Mid-life Support

We offer:

Caregiver Support
  • Caring for a family member or friend can be very demanding. We help caregivers look after their own needs as well as those of the person they are caring for. We offer support groups, activities, and assistance for caregivers.
  • Referrals to specialized support for caregivers of family members with dementia, a disability, or a mental health condition.

As the sole caregiver of her 92 year old mother, Ms. R. was at her wit’s end trying to manage work, family, and personal life. We provided ongoing support, resources, and counseling for her.

Non-financial Retirement Planning
  • We can help explore what work life has meant, how to identify the key aspects of working, and how to ultimately carry it over to interests and activities.

Ms. S. is considering retirement from long term employment. She consulted with the SBS social workers about how to transition to meaningful activities.

Employment Resources
  • We connect people to resources that work with employment needs of mid-life workers.

Ms. M., in her late fifties, lost her job and is seeking employment. She has family responsibilities and needs the security a full-time job offers. We offered support and connected her to the Department of Aging Employment Resource Center.