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I want to thank the Swiss Benevolent Society from the bottom of my heart for its many years of support for my academic studies in Egyptian Archaeology, throughout my undergraduate career and now as a PhD student. I truly wish I was able to attend the luncheon today to thank everyone in person. However, I am happy to announce that my absence is due to my current residence in Basel, Switzerland! With the help of the Swiss Benevolent Society's Medicus Scholarship, I have just recently moved from New Jersey to Switzerland, for the first year of a 3-year long PhD project at the University of Basel. After my PhD I plan to continue my residence in Switzerland. To be reunited with my Swiss family, friends, and heritage is honestly a dream come true. I can tell that the rigor and high academic standards of Swiss academia will greatly benefit my career as well. Even my Schwiizertüütsch is improving! I cannot thank the Swiss Benevolent Society enough for its huge role in this life-changing decision. Thank you again, with all of my heart.

– Jacqueline H.

We were grateful for the scholarship support some years ago, happy to contribute now

– Urs & Paula L.

I'm very grateful to the SBS for the scholarships that helped me complete my doctoral degree. I would love to connect more with the SBS community

– Claudia S.

My Swiss grandmother has always emphasized the importance of  an education to provide more opportunities in life. I think of her words often as I pursue my education at the University of Connecticut, and they’ve motivated me to always try my hardest to succeed and be ambitious with my studies. Likewise, the SBS Merit Scholarship has provided me with the financial support that allows me to focus on my studies and worry less about paying for college. I truly appreciate the opportunity and support that the Swiss Benevolent Society and its contributors have given me.

– Nicole M. (University of Connecticut)

Thank you for the opportunity to share how the SBS Scholarship is helping me. I am very thankful that I received the scholarship. It has really helped me afford my freshman year in college without the need to take out additional, expensive loans. I can focus on my studies without having to worry about how to pay for them.

Sean P. (Community College of Baltimore County)

The Swiss Benevolent Society has had a huge impact on my academic career. Their scholarship programs allowed me more financial freedom in my undergraduate studies, and I am so grateful to have had access to SBS scholarships in my graduate career as well. I will always remember the generosity of the Swiss Benevolent Society Scholarship Programs.

Olivia G. (NY Botanical Garden)

I am so grateful to the Swiss Benevolent Society for helping me pursue my studies of neuroscience (major) and mathematics (minor) at Lafayette College. Their support has enabled me to engage with the campus community; I discovered my passion for education by tutoring at a local school, developed leadership skills by organizing a volunteer trip to Texas, and expanded my independence while studying abroad in Tokyo last semester. Thanks to the SBS, I have had an amazing college experience, full of intellectual and personal growth.

- J. S. ’24 (Lafayette College)

As a rising junior at Fairfield University, I can attest to the fact that the SBS Scholarship has had a major impact on me.  The monetary contribution has helped me significantly, as I have been able to save some of the money I would've used on my undergraduate degree and keep it to help fund my graduate studies.  I have been inspired to push myself even more in my honors program, knowing that I have the backing of the SBS.  I want the SBS to know that I take my studies seriously, and I hope I project a positive image of what it means to be a Swiss American.

- G. R. (Fairfield University)

The Swiss Benevolent Society has helped me and my family for years. The SBS Merit Scholarship helps to support my studies in political science and law at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I am so grateful to the SBSNY and the Swiss-Abroad community for supporting me in my dreams. When my grandmother came to the United States from Switzerland years ago, she dreamt of her children getting a good education and living the American dream. I am so lucky to live that dream and the SBSNY has played a significant part in that for my family. The SBS Merit Scholarship is an amazing program and I want to thank SBSNY for the opportunity to learn and grow in life with an appreciation of my Swiss roots.

– Gavin Z. (George Washington University)

The social life in an MBA Program is quite active and an essential part of the program. Hence, taking part in the events organized by students, such as international study treks, conferences and networking events is crucial in maximizing the MBA experience. I would not have been able to fully participate in the program if not for the generous help of the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York as the costs of attending those events and traveling to them is quite a steep barrier. Not to mention the cost of living in Boston is among the highest in the USA. I am infinitely grateful to the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York for having provided me with resources that allowed me to fully appreciate all that there is to do at MIT Sloan and beyond. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to all the team at the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York. Thank you for having believed in me and for making this experience possible. MIT Sloan was my dream school. This experience truly changed my life. I have made new lifelong friendships and learned so many incredible things from an amazing faculty. I couldn’t have done it without the Swiss Benevolent Society. So, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

- Clemens M. (MIT)

Thank you for your generous SBS Merit Scholarship! Your support is encouraging and enabling as I pursue my higher education goals. I am a mechanical engineering major at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. I plan to concentrate in aerospace and graduate in 2026. This winter break, I went to the Engineers Without Borders club to Ecuador for infrastructure development, a field I am interested in after graduation. I am also part of the rocketry team and RUF Christian ministry on campus. By awarding me, the scholarship and lightening my financial burden, you have allowed me to focus on education, supplementary experiences, and personal growth in a way otherwise impossible. Thank you for your unmerited generosity. I hope that one day I can follow your example and pass it on to others. 

 - Joshua H. (Northwestern University)