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I want to thank the Swiss Benevolent Society from the bottom of my heart for its many years of support for my academic studies in Egyptian Archaeology, throughout my undergraduate career and now as a PhD student. I truly wish I was able to attend the luncheon today to thank everyone in person. However, I am happy to announce that my absence is due to my current residence in Basel, Switzerland! With the help of the Swiss Benevolent Society's Medicus Scholarship, I have just recently moved from New Jersey to Switzerland, for the first year of a 3-year long PhD project at the University of Basel. After my PhD I plan to continue my residence in Switzerland. To be reunited with my Swiss family, friends, and heritage is honestly a dream come true. I can tell that the rigor and high academic standards of Swiss academia will greatly benefit my career as well. Even my Schwiizertüütsch is improving! I cannot thank the Swiss Benevolent Society enough for its huge role in this life-changing decision. Thank you again, with all of my heart.

– Jacqueline H.

We were grateful for the scholarship support some years ago, happy to contribute now

– Urs & Paula L.

I'm very grateful to the SBS for the scholarships that helped me complete my doctoral degree. I would love to connect more with the SBS community

– Claudia S.