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The following is a list of resources, articles an links:

Disclaimer: The list of resources below is provided for your information only and it does not represent a recommendation or endorsement of any of those resources by the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York. It is your responsibility to evaluate and decide on which resources you choose to use.

SBS Resource List:

SBS Resource List - Services

Social Interaction and Wellness:

Ageing Well Abroad
Expanding Your Circles, Combating Lonliness
Loneliness, Healthy Ageing Insights
Staying Active
Staying Connected

Children & Education:

Reference List - Child Care

Personal, Web and Financial Safety:

ATM scams - Protecting yourself while using ATMs
Email scams - Protecting yourself from email scams
Online scams - Protect yourself from online scams
Scams alert - For seniors, and everyone
Scammers and fraudsters - Protecting yourself from scammers and fraudsters