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Membership Levels

Unless otherwise stated, each donation and contribution confers membership for the calendar year in which it is made. Contributions are listed in the Society's annual report in the following categories:

$ 60  Bronze Level 
$ 101 - 200  Silver Level
$ 201 - 350  Gold Level
$ 351 - 650  Platinum Level
$ 651 - 1499  Diamond Level
$ 1,500 +  Life Member

In addition to Life Membership:
$ 60 and up  Benefactor
$ 1,000 and up  Patron Member


You certainly may specify how you want us to use your gift. If you do not stipulate otherwise, it will go to Social Service. Donations to the Scholarship Fund will allow you to support the education of young Swiss-Americans.

It is a good idea to discuss any sizable gift, in whatever form you choose, with your lawyer and financial planner. We also have knowledgeable professionals available who will be happy to consult with you and your advisors.

The generosity of people like you and your friends, whose private support is helping the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York, enables us to maintain our mission of excellence in the caring for the elderly, counseling our compatriots in trouble, and educating the young. We are deeply grateful for your consideration.

In addition, we organize some social events, maintain a Swiss Business Directory, and serve as an information center about the Swiss community here.