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Ways to Contribute

There are many ways to help support the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York. If you would like more information or wish to discuss possibilities in person, please contact our Executive Director.

Monetary Donations

The most immediate way to give is cash – by either sending us a check or by clicking here to make a donation by credit card or PayPal. Cash gifts are fully deductible up to 50% of the donor’s adjusted gross income. There are no membership forms to fill out; your check will serve as your application.

Each donor is a member of the Society for the calendar year in which the contribution is made and will be listed in the appropriate category in our annual report.

Ask your employer about matching gifts:

If your employer participates in a matching gift program, the value of your donation to the SBS will be multiplied. Please inform your employer of your gift to us; we will be happy to provide all necessary forms and information. Most will require the following information:

Swiss Benevolent Society of New York
420 Lexington Ave, Suite 430
New York, NY 10170

Telephone: (212) 246-0655
Tax ID: 13-1624199

Appreciated Securities

The Internal Revenue Service allows you to take a tax deduction on the full fair-market value of appreciated securities you donate to charity. You must have held the securities for a minimum period of twelve months or longer. Even with a 20% tax rate, significant tax savings may be achieved, because your donation is exempt from capital gains taxes. These gifts may be deductible up to 30% of the donor's adjusted gross income.

Real Estate

Real estate, in some cases, can be given outright, and a charitable income tax deduction equal to the property's fair market value is received by the donor.


You may wish to bequeath a specific amount or a percentage of your estate to the "Swiss Benevolent Society of New York" in your Last Will and Testament, or name us as a beneficiary in your Living Trust. A legacy to the SBS may reduce your estate taxes without depleting current assets.

Life Insurance

Many people own life insurance that they no longer need for its original purpose. When circumstances change, the owner can put a life insurance policy to other uses, including a donation, in part or full, to a charity. Thank you for considering the SBS.

Charitable Trusts

Different types of trusts (e.g., charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust) may be established that meet your current needs for either ongoing income or immediate tax deductions, and which will benefit the SBS in the long run. These trusts are administered by a fiduciary and are subject to strict regulations.