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Spring Greetings from the President

April 9, 2020

Dear Members of the SBS,

We live in challenging times and are moving through uncharted territory. The Coronavirus crisis is affecting all of us in many ways that we are only beginning to realize and come to grips with.

But difficult times also bring out the best in people as we are currently witnessing with our own eyes. Now more than ever before, I am amazed by all the good our staff members are doing! We are very fortunate to have our social workers reaching out to as many of our members as they can during these trying times. They are severely limited by the stay-at-home order but are nevertheless tirelessly affording comfort to many. Our Executive Director and Assistants are keeping the office going working remotely, after they were equipped with all the necessary technology. All the resources and information that can be found on our website needed to be researched and put together, but this was done in no time at all.

They all have proven to be incredibly responsive and flexible throughout the ever-changing circumstances, remaining positive and bringing rays of encouragement and hope to all those they are interacting with.

We are also observing the Swiss community in the greater New York area come together in many ways that we have never witnessed before.

We are proud to report that because of our connections to the medical community in NYC, we were able to help the Swiss chocolate company, Läderach USA, Inc. to identify the staff of COVID-19 unit of the Mount Sinai Hospital as the recipient of an abundance of their freshly made and delicious chocolate. It is reported that they received so much that they were able to share it with other units. The Swiss community is very happy and lucky to have the Läderach Chocolate Company in NYC and appreciates their quick response to the medical community in our city during these difficult times. If you are interested in knowing more about Läderach, please visit: https://us.laderach.com/

Despite the difficult circumstances we are looking to the future with great anticipation of the many positive things to come. I wish all of you a Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all in person soon!

Warm regards,
Markus Bruderer