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Annual Reports & Financials

The Swiss Benevolent Society of New York invites you to read our annual report and learn how we help people of all ages live more active, independent, safer, healthier and happier lives through social service programs, and assist students and their families with scholarship programs.

SBS Annual Report 2021
We believe that it is our duty to be effective stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us by our generous donors. We conduct internal and external financial audits to showcase our accountability to our members on an annual basis. Audited financials and IRS Form 990 for qualified individuals and organizations can be found below.

The Swiss Benevolent Society of New York is audited annually by Tait Weller & Baker, LLP of Philadelphia, PA — a specialized professional services firm providing comprehensive audit, tax and consulting services to the health care, not-for-profit and special needs industries.
SBS Annual Report 2020
SBS Annual Report 2019
SBS Annual Report 2018
SBS Annual Report 2017

Read our 990 IRS filings

The SBS’s 990 IRS filings provide information and insight to our finances, operations, and programs. 990s are made available once our auditors, Tait Weller & Baker, LLP, have completed our annual audits and the filing with the IRS. Other documents required by law to be made publicly available are available to qualified individuals and organizations upon request by contacting our offices.